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3D Printer Lube

3D Printer Lube

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Size: 50ml bottle with atomiser.

Revolubes™ 3D Printer Lube – Printers consist of numerous moving parts, which precise cooperation affect the print quality, therefore our printer lube combines the dry coating technology with significant reduction of stiction (static friction), especially helpful with frequent start-stop sequences and preventing the print head’s skipping, or its precise positioning.

  • Fast and easily penetrating formula.

  • Designed to work with all: metal-metal, metal-plastic, and plastic-plastic connections.

  • Reduces stiction in Z axis screw-nut, bearing carts and steel guide rods, and V-rail wheels mechanisms.

  • Prolongs printer's lifespan by establishing durable dry coating layer.

  • Clean and easy to maintain, does not attract dirt nor leaves dirt deposits at travel limits, further maintaining the print quality.
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