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Chris Silver - Professional Long Distance Triathlete at CES Sport, Cardiff

"Revolube Bicycle Chain Lube is an innovative, time saving and ultimately cost saving chain lube like none I have ever used before."

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Created by Brian Palmer back in 1996 TWMP has become a must-read blog for any fans of cycling.

"According to the folks at Revolubes, the product will not only maintain a healthy chain, but obviate any rust spots while it sits patiently in the bike shed for a day or two. I can positively attest to the latter."

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Harlow Cycling Page, Essex

"The Revolube products are outstanding. Really do what they say on the tin. I have been using Revolube cycle chain lube for over 6 months and the performance improvement has been really noticeable. Permanently clean chain after every ride"

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JUNE 2020