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I've been using this product for approx. three weeks on my road bike during training and also on my cyclo- cross bike in races' and have been very impressed!
Having covered approx. 1000 mls the oil keeps the chain well oiled, clean and doesn’t turn black, gear shifts remain smooth and is not messy like some other products turning black and collecting dirt and clogging around the jockey wheels and teeth Its easy to clean off and reapply although with a delicate glass pipet.
All the products I have been using previously needed a lot of cleaning after each use as it was turning the chain and cassette black, messy and clogged after a few rides

Noah Hurley

I've had the pleasure to be using Revolubes bicycle lube for the past 4-5 months or so for my Carrera Vengeance MTB and the results exceeded my expectations.
Already after applying for the very first time, the bike seemed to ride and change gears smoother than when I first rode it out of the store brand new.

The eye dropper design makes it easy to apply a drop of lube to each chain link without spilling and using too much, making it very effective and efficient.

Will absolutely purchase this again once I'm out. Highly recommended!

Mike Nykiel

I applied Revolubes to both of my bikes, road and MTB. In just one application the performance has undoubtedly increased. The bikes are smoother with a more precise change of gear and in turn transitions into the bikes being faster with less effort required. The chains were pre-cleaned in petrol and each link had a dab of lubricant applied. Once the full chain was coated, I went through all gears to ensure the lubricant was conveyed to the cassettes, chain ring and derailleur. The gauge of performance is from being able to cycle faster than my bike mate, downhill, on the flat and also uphill sections, a rarity before the lubricant was applied. My MTB would quite often crunch gears and struggle to change gear, now rarely do I have any problems. I am very pleased with the lubricant, the bikes really do feel smoother and I would believe that the mechanics will last longer bring future cost savings.


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