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Partners and professional reviews

Chris Silver - Professional Long Distance Triathlete at CES Sport, Cardiff

"Revolube Bicycle Chain Lube is an innovative, time saving and ultimately cost saving chain lube like none I have ever used before."


Created by Brian Palmer back in 1996 TWMP has become a must-read blog for any fans of cycling.

"In the weeks since the lube was carefully applied to each and every link of a campagnolo twelve-speed chain, i have done nothing other to that very chain. According to the folks at Revolubes, the product will not only maintain a healthy chain, but obviate any rust spots while it sits patiently in the bike shed for a day or two. I can positively attest to the latter."




Trust Pilot Reviews

"Runs clean, not invisible but very clean!"

"This is an excellent product, which does what it says on the tin."

"First thing I have noticed is the smoothness of the chain and gear changes seem smoother as well. "

"This product not only makes the drive train work incredibly smoothly but keeps everything so much cleaner as dirt and dust does not stick to the chain ."

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