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Spirit Tifosi BSS Rotor Racing Team

"We have tried numerous products and have found Revolubes by far the best. It is easy to apply and you notice the difference straight away. The chain stays smooth and it definitely has less resistance. 

We recommend anyone to try Revolubes products and promise you wont go back to conventional methods after just one ride."

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Chris Silver - Professional Long Distance Triathlete at CES Sport, Cardiff

"Revolube is an innovative, time saving and ultimately cost saving chain lube like none I have ever used before. Revolubes handles high load so much better ie. slow cadence, high watt climbing and gear changes so smooth, you can’t tell the chain is there. Revolubes is a supreme solution for professionals in all cycling disciplines!"

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Partners and professional reviews

Created by Brian Palmer back in 1996 TWMP has become a must-read blog for any fans of cycling.

"According to the folks at Revolubes, the product will not only maintain a healthy chain, but obviate any rust spots while it sits patiently in the bike shed for a day or two. I can positively attest to the latter."

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Dorset Mamil Cycling - Jason Sheppard YouTube Channel on Cycling.

"Revolube Bicycle Chain Lube is quiet, smoove, long lasting and clean chain lubricant. Gives you the same ride feeling as when using wax, but much easier and less time consuming. This product is going to get the hard life on my chains." 

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JULY 2020
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Harlow Cycling Page, Essex

"The Revolube products are outstanding. Really do what they say on the tin. I have been using Revolube cycle chain lube for over 6 months and the performance improvement has been really noticeable. Permanently clean chain after every ride"

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JUNE 2020