What can Revolube do to your bike's chain?

Enchanced Durability

Revolubes nano-technology is based on components, which have been utilised in military, due to their outstanding lubrication features in all possible conditions on planet earth:

* Temperature range: -60degC - 300degC
* Resistance to contamination
* Self regeneration
* Significant increase of the material's           durability and load capacity

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Drag Reduction

Revolubes reduce system's internal drag, ensuring:

* Accelerated start
* Same performance with reduced effort
* Improved results

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Less frequent application, maintenance and failures

According to our satisfied clients, Revolubes is very, very efficient:

* Single application varies between 4-6         [ml] - two pipettes' volume
* No sign of need to re-apply, even after       1000+ miles

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Wash-out, rust and dirt resistant.

Due to the applied nano-technology, Revolubes create a self lubricating, durable layer on the top surface of the lubricated material, through chemical bonding. The coating displaces water and solvents and prevents iron molecules from oxidation. It also keeps a chain dry, which means it does not attract contaminants like dirt or dust.

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Smoother, faster and quieter gear change.

Revolubes' nano-technology ensures an outstanding operation and durability of bike's drivertrain. It does so by modifying the material’s top surface, providing a friction pair match without producing abrasive material, thus preventing chain from stretching. The chain links, literarly fall into the right places on the sprockets. 

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All chain's and derailleur's compability.

Revolubes are compatible with all kinds of chains available on the market:

* One-speed chains
* MTB chains
* Road chains
* BMX chains 
* Half link chains
* Titanium or ceramic coating
* e-bike drivetrains

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