Do I need a brand new chain for Revolubes?

Preferably, yes, because Revolubes are designed to prevent friction-induced welding of cooperating surfaces that move against each other. For this purpose, Revolubes create a coating that prevents friction-induced wear and further fitting loss of the chain elements. - show me.

A chain works best with factory fits and a link pitch designed to pair with the teeth of a cog. Revolubes' job is to preserve these components in their factory state for as long as possible, rather than compensating for wear and tear that already exists.

So, yes - We advise you to get a brand new chain for Revolubes. You certainly won't regret it.

Do I need to clean the chain before using Revolubes?

Yes! Each component, whether used or new, requires proper preparation for the chemical reaction with Revolubes™ active ingredients.

To prepare the surfaces correctly, they must undergo thorough washing and degreasing to remove any preservatives, old grease, production contamination, abrasive metal fillings, and wear products such as oxides and rust deposits. These contaminants can potentially affect the operation of a component.

Do I have to use Revolubes Cleaner?

No, it is not strictly necessary to use Revolubes cleaner before using our lubricants.

There are alternatives such as petrol, turpentine, or mineral spirits; however, these alternatives leave an oily film on the surface, which needs to be removed with a detergent containing SLS soaps. - see our know how newsletter.

And be aware that solvent, petrol and turpentine vapours are flammable and can explode. You must not use open fire in their presence! Inhalation of fumes is harmful to your health. Always work with solvents and fuels in prepared, well-ventilated place or in the open air. Always use protective means/clothing.

What's the adventage of Revolubes Cleaner?

Revolubes Cleaner is not flammable, as opposed to the alternatives. It contains active detergents and agents capable of removing old greases, their solid deposits, as well as plaques, rust, and oxides - all without the need for mechanical cleaning. Just give it some time to penetrate.

The Cleaner has been purposely blended to be 100% compatible with Revolubes™ lubricants, so you don't need to remove it after cleaning. A wipe with a paper towel will suffice.

Lastly, it is safe for plastic and rubber components like X and O rings. It can also be safely used with ultrasonic cleaners and is reusable after filtration.

How do I get up to the required application temperature?

That's easy! Place the bottle of Revolubes™ in a container filled with warm water at a temperature between +40 °C and +50 °C, and leave it there for a while until the lube warms up.

This treatment will provide the required energy for the chemical reaction between Revolubes™ ingredients and the chain's material. In addition, the temperature difference between the chain and the lubricant will lead to thermal expansion of the chain material, creating a vacuum that will draw Revolubes™ into the chain links.

WARNING! Do not inhale the fumes – read Safety Information at the end of instructions.

Why is my chain noisier after Revolubes treatment?

This can happen in two cases, but they share a common reason.

If the chain is new, it is likely that it was mismanufactured with loose component fits. The larger the slack between components, the more easily and forcefully they collide, causing the noise.

As Adam Kerin of ZFC says: "This wouldn't be the first time you've bought a new chain that is out-of-spec. That's why I measure all chains prior to any testing. And if one's out, I just bin it."

However, if the chain is used, a thorough cleaning removes all the dirt and residues of previous lubricants that would normally fill the gaps in the chain, making the slack audible.

Why has Revolubes got washed-off during the first wet ride?

As mentioned before, Revolubes are designed to prevent friction-induced welding of cooperating surfaces by creating a coating on those surfaces. The coating requires a period of influence of some external energy, such as heat or mechanical stress, to establish itself.

Therefore, if you decide to go through a series of puddles just after the first application, it is likely that Revolubes will get washed off before the coating can fully establish itself.

That's why we advise performing the first three applications in a dry environment within a close distance to each other to properly prime the chain. For more information, please refer to our instructions.

After this priming process, the coating will remain embedded in the chain's structure permanently.

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