Bicycle Chain Lube
Bicycle Chain Lube
Bicycle Chain Lube
Bicycle Chain Lube

Bicycle Chain Lube

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50 [ml] bottle with a pipette.

Buddy 2-pack -20% + 2x Revolubes Grease [5g] for free.
Teamwork 3-pack -30% + 3x Revolubes Grease [5g] for free.

Calcium sulphonate based lube for high torque loaded chains working in wet, dry and heavily contaminated conditions.

Ensures pro-longed chain's life span also applicable as grease additive for bearings and steel cables.

Compatible with all chain types.

  • One application lasts for 1000+ miles
  • It’s 100% dust and water resistant
  • It allows significantly better performance
  • And the chain remains rust-free

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