Revolubes™ Power Machinery
Revolubes™ Power Machinery
Revolubes™ Power Machinery
Revolubes™ Power Machinery
Revolubes™ Power Machinery

Revolubes™ Power Machinery

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Size: 3x 250ml bottle.

Revolubes™ Power Machinery - Our well-developed and proven technology utilised in specialised line of products for internal combustion engines, both petrol and diesel, motorbike, car or truck.

Wherever your demand is for ensuring racing performance and robustness or simply commuting reliability, this three-stage set extends the service life of an engine, reduces maintenance costs and fuel consumption. Increases engine power and performance:

  • Power Machinery #1 – Advanced engine flush/cleaner, capable of dissolving and moving away the carbon deposits, plaques, and sludges, which build up inside the engine and lubrication system, due to fuel combustion process. 
  • Power Machinery #2 – Extreme Pressure oil enriching agent, which strengthens the surfaces of cooperating parts by utilising Revolubes coating technology, significantly reducing wear on piston rings, crankshaft bearings, bushes, cams, and valves, during high load intervals or cold starts.

    Wear reduction provides prolonged lifespan for the engine parts and the ageing inhibitors prevent further deposits’ build up and extends oil life up to 25,000 miles or 2 years. 
  • Power Machinery #3 – Oil enriching agent, which alters the wear process of the cooperating surfaces from shear to plastic, so the shape irregularities are no longer being cut and extracted, but plastically deformed, pressed and strain hardened without material loss.

    This factor keeps the oil artery clean and eliminates metal chips flowing around. Due to the lack of material loss, the booster also keeps the compression ratio at nominal levels, preventing power loss over time.

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