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Testing Revolubes

The ZFC's Single Application Longevity Test (SAL), determines real world's distance ridden with a single lubricant's application, until the chain reaches 0.1mm of net wear. Mind that a chain is considered worn and due for replacement when its wear, and therefore elongation, rises by 0.5mm. Full test brief available here.

ZFC's SAL test results (Dry road conditions) - comparison of top tested lubes:

ZFC's SAL test results (Dry Gravel/MTB/CX conditions) - comparison of top tested lubes:

Data source:

*Notes from ZFC:

"Despite the test being 250w, which is greater than most average on training rides, the smooth nature of machine run seems to deliver much longer treatment lifespans vs real riding where the sinosoidal loading of pedalling action delivers much greater peak forces even for the same avg power, and the environment - like riding your ergo - has less airborne contamination. 

For the Single application test, based on when some clear is beginning, real world training where treatment has moved from silky smooth zone etc, I would suggest real world results treatment lifespan at approx 1/3rd of wear jump point km's attained on test machine.

Note ZFC is always conservative re treatment lifespans - real world results will vary depending on your power, riding style, environment - conservative estimate is best as a guide just in case."