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Photo Reviews

"This chain's done 50 dry, very dusty track miles and looks like it's done 5, don't know how it works but I am very impressed."

"My 14-day self-isolation has delayed the testing of Revolube. Since I took the opportunity to apply it to the C60 during my isolation, I have now managed to cover 200 miles on one application (Obviously riding solo and observing the 2m rule).50 miles were however completed on a roller session. This lube is so superior to ALL that I have tried including the outstanding NFS & Smoove. The way the lube performs under heavy load is the standout trait. 200miles in and all I have done is at 150 miles gently wipe the chain with a tissue which is surprising considering the damp/salty to muddy roads. The Super Record drive train is a good test-bed for the lube due to the oiled BB ceramic bearings and ceramic pully bearings any friction from the chain or grit stands out instantly. So far, the chain at 200 miles in, is as silky smooth as when I applied the lube, even on standing low cadence climbs it's as if the chain isn't even there. What is also worth noting is the lack of any lube collecting on the rear derailleur jockey wheels."




" good drop per link..then I rode 50 miles on each bike and that's how clean it is! Awesome!"




"The first 2 are after a 37 mile ride after re applying for the 4th time after over 2,000 miles since first applied. It’s always looked a little oily after the first ride, but it cleans up easily with some spray cleaner.
The second 2 photos are my wife’s bike and has done about 800 miles since first applied and has not been cleaned for about 250 miles"

~ AD, UK



"Great product and quick delivery! Good instructions with details on how to clean chain and apply Revolube. Here are photos of my chain after 100 miles, I am very impressed with the chain lube."

~ DR, UK

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