Revolubes nano-technology is based on components, which have been utilised in military, due to their outstanding lubrication features in all possible conditions on planet earth. 


Internal Drag Reduction

Revolube reduces system's internal drag, ensuring accelerated start, same performance with reduced effort and improved results.


Smoother, faster and quieter chain's and gear's work.

Revolubes' nano-technology ensures an outstanding operation and durability of a drive train. It does so by modifying the material’s top surface, providing a friction pair match without producing abrasive material, thus preventing chain from stretching. The chain links, literally fall into the right places on the sprockets. 


Water, rust and dirt resistance.

 Due to the applied nano-technology, Revolubes create a self lubricating, durable layer on the top surface of the lubricated material, through chemical bonding. The coating repels water and solvents and prevents iron molecules from oxidation. It also keeps chain dry, which means it does not attract contaminants like dirt or dust.


Less frequent application and maintenance.


One bottle of Revolube stands for ~10 applications.
The advisable application interval is 3 months, regardless of riding conditions and millage.
You just need to wash your bike with water as you would normally do.


All weather conditions and temperatures. 

Apart from perfect lubrication features in wet, dry and contaminated conditions, Revolube maintains those in temperature range, from -60 degC to +300 degC.


Eco Friendly


Revolube's ingredients are neutral to the environment, to the point they're also being used in food industry.


Enhanced Durability and Lifespan. 

If you are the one who spends £££ on your gear, you would obviously want it to last as long as possible. How about 3 times longer than a manufacturer's recommendation and warranty? 


Friction is Fiction

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