Revolubes - Bicycle Chain Lube.


The necessity of chain lubrication doesn’t require any justification – everyone knows that a clean and lubricated chain will reward you with long-lasting, smooth operation. In contrast, a neglected chain will quickly and painfully hit your wallet, not to mention the drag that will be incurred whilst riding.

Hardly anyone realises that each chain link consists of eight elements. The outer and inner tiles, rollers and pins, together create seven sliding surfaces. Regardless of how small they are, they provide a significant drag force when combined. Chain manufacturers try to overcome the effect by  using materials with reduced friction coefficients but, nevertheless, you will not go far without proper lubrication. According to a study by Friction Facts, an American research and tuning company, after the cross-country race, the chain friction increases by more than two Watts. Accordingly, a completely purified chain (cleaned supersonically with a use solvent) generated a resistance of more than 16 Watts, compared to one properly prepared for riding.

Revolubes™ lubricants were initially being used in industry, to minimise friction-caused energy loses and machinery downtimes. This fact constitutes Revolubes as the only ones on the market, tested and certified accordingly to ASTM standards. Revolubes' nano-technology is also being utilised in military, due to their outstanding lubrication features in all possible conditions on planet earth. 
Revolubes lubricants are a revolution in the market for bicycles' and motorbikes' chain drives. It is a line of professional lubricants, unique in terms of the applied base – complex, modified calcium sulfate and a metal’s outer layer modifying  additive - which effectively eliminates all common problems known to chain lubrication: 


Low viscosity allows Revolube to find its way into every nook and cranny of your chain, ensuring lubrication for rollers, plates and most loaded – roller’s pins – plate’s holes connection.


After the carrier evaporates, Revolube establishes a self-regenerating layer through chemical bonding with iron atoms. This coating increases chain’s load capacity by 500%, which is more than enough to protect your gear from wear, your chain from ‘’stretching’’ or snapping and you don’t need re-apply it for a month. 

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The coating modifies material’s top layer and reduces friction factor by two orders of magnitude. Cutting the long story short, drag reduction provides smooth and effortless gear shifting, quiet chain operation and lower energy demand. You’ll most probably go faster and further…

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 Operating conditions

Revolube’s versatile lubricative features prevail in all weather conditions. The operational temperature range is between -40 and +200 degC. It doesn’t thicken in cold nor drip in hot. It’s water repellent, wash-out resistant and prevents from dirt and grit build up, again protecting your drive train from wear. Anything you pick up, requires just an ordinary rinse.

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 Ease of application and Environment

 Revolube comes in a handy, 50 [ml] bottle with a pipette applicator. It’s perfect for shoving in a backpack until needed. The pipette provides precise application, preventing from overdosing and waste. Revolube doesn’t age nor produce any toxic biproducts during operation. It doesn’t turn black or leave built up residuals which might contaminate the environment. This has yet another good side – your gear will remain shiny and new!


Professionals about Revolubes

Created by Brian Palmer back in 1996 TWMP has become a must-read blog for any fans of cycling.

 August 2019

"Despite a few hundred kilometres of riding so far, the chain looks as shiny as it did when removed from the packet."

September 2019

"In the weeks since the lube was carefully applied to each and every link of a campagnolo twelve-speed chain, i have done nothing other to that very chain. According to the folks at Revolubes, the product will not only maintain a healthy chain, but obviate any rust spots while it sits patiently in the bike shed for a day or two. I can positively attest to the latter."

 "I'm mightily impressed by Revolube's propensity not to blacken the chain, something that so many other wet and dry lubes have a tendency to do."

"The original application to a brand new chain, was made over a month ago, yet the chain still looks decidedly new, (as does the cassette, by the way) and remains as silent as the day is long."

October 2019

"The offspring of nano-technology, with a propensity to remain stuck like a limpet to the rollers interspersing each chain-link."

"Considering it's two and a half months since the lube was first applied, and there has been not a single top up throughout that period, the chain still runs as smoothly as it did when new."

"There have been no mid-term squeaks, no grating noises in the big ring and it has remained admirable metallic in appearance. and orange colouring notwithstanding, the cassette has remained cleaner for longer than any i can recall."


Chris Silver - Professional Long Distance Triathlete at CES Sport, Cardiff

February 2020

"Revolube Bicycle Chain Lube is an innovative, time saving and ultimately cost saving chain lube like none I have ever used before."
"Revolube has been a complete game changer, not only is it impervious to dirt, it also less effected by wet weather, and I have found that the chain will typically run smooth for about 4-6 weeks after Revolube has been applied."

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