Revolubes™ Motorbike Chain Lube

Revolubes™ Motorbike Chain Lube

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Size: 50ml bottle with pipette applicator.

Revolubes™ Motorbike Chain Lube - Specifically designed for high torque loaded chain drives - 300Nm/150kW ~ 200HP. 

Our well-developed and proven technology provides you with extraordinary performance under load, ensuring durability, reliability and failure-free operation of your chain drive under racing conditions, with starting, acceleration and rapid load changes.

Wide range of working conditions and high resistance to contamination make Revolubes the perfect choice for a variety of moto-sports: road, moto-cross, track, enduro & cross-country and others.

  • Fast and easily penetrating formula, that easily goes into all O, X and Z-Ring motorcycle chains' links.
  • The bottle aids up to 10 top-ups.
  • Single application lasts up to 700 miles – Zero Friction Cycling Tested
  • Increases chain's material load capacity, therefore prolongs drive-train lifespan by 100% 
  • Reduces friction coefficient by two orders of magnitude, providing smooth and quiet chain's operation and lower power demand. 
  • Clean and easy to maintain, makes after ride cleaning a child’s play.
  • Great alternative for automatic chain oiler's systems. 

Customer Satisfaction or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

If you are not 100% happy after trying out our product, simply return it and we will refund your money. No questions asked! 
T&C Apply. 

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