Revolubes™ Bearing Grease
Revolubes™ Bearing Grease

Revolubes™ Bearing Grease

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Size: 12g tube.

Revolubes™ Bearing Grease - Bike's suspension or wheels, power tools, printers all have one bit in common - bearings and pivot points. Take care of these and surely, you will extract a few more watts and service years to your favour. 

Revolubes Industrial grade, Calcium Sulphonate Complex based grease with HP additives for highly loaded bearings designed to work in wet or dry and heavily contaminated conditions. 

Bonds chemically with the metal component, forming a microscopic, mono-molecular, highly wear resistant coating, that cannot be washed-out or squeezed-out.

Protects against corrosion and displays excellent stability through temperatures range from –40 degC to 300 degC (>570degF).

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