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We're glad you made it this far, so we can tell you about this revolution in the maintenance of two-wheelers.

We’re introducing new, revolutionary product for bike’s chain lubrication to the market – something far exceeding the available products in performance. Wherever you’re a biker or a cyclist, imagine a lubricant, that makes the need of your two-wheeler’s maintenance a hassle-free rarity, providing: 

  • lack of rust deposition
  • no more black dirt collection on your bike’s rim or sprockets
  • one application lasting for 1000+ miles
  • significant reduction of drive-train's internal drag
  • great look, by keeping your drive-train clean and shiny
  • the chain, bearings and cables literally indestructible!


These are not just idle claims – click below and watch Revolube standing its ground in our experiment:

Pretty impressive, don’t you think? 

Now, we’re running a pre-sale campaign, where you can get it at much reduced price, for just £11.90 and check it for yourself.
It is totally risk-free, as the payments are provided, either by Shopify Payments™ or PayPal™.

The end price of £11.90 includes:

  • Chain drive-trains' Revolube
  • Bearings and steel cables grease sample - product being released in early 2020.
  • Shipping

Where’s the catch?

Well, I’d like to make a gentlemen’s agreement, that you will participate in proving our brand and leave us your review on Trust Pilot™ or the webpage, describing your own Revolubes' experience.
How does it sound?