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Revolubes Bike Chain Lube
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Revolubes Bike Chain Lube

Revolubes Bike Chain Lube

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Size: 50[ml] bottle with pipette.

Product Description: 

Revolubes™ Bicycle Chain Lube brings you the state-of-the-art lubrication solutions straight from industry, where machinery reliability stands for desired and long up-time, quality and cost effectiveness. It sets a new standard for chain lubrication in all cycling disciplines. 

Our well-developed and proven technology provides you with extraordinary performance under load, ensuring smooth drivetrain operation under any condition by bonding chemically with the chain's material, forming a microscopic, mono-molecular, wear resistant coating, embedded into the material's surface.  


  • Outstanding penetration features, eliminate the need of submersive application. Plug and Play formula you can apply to a chain while it's on a bike.
  • ZFC's proven 700 miles per application in dry road conditions.
  • Smooth and quiet chain's operation, lower power demand especially at low cadence, high Watt climbs and with crossed chain gear selection. 
  • All weather alternative to wet, dry, ceramic, PTFE or wax lubricants. Eliminates the need of alternating between lubes with riding conditions change.
  • The coating significantly prevents the collection of dust and dirt and provides easy cleaning. 
  • Easy to apply with a pipette that prevents overdosing and waste. 
  • Long lasting, good looking and environment friendly - Revolube does not turn black over time due to ageing and operation, preventing environment contamination.
  • Small required amounts and outstanding ageing resistance will provide you with clean drive-train, rims and frame parts. 
  • 50 [ml] bottle lasts at least 6 months of continuous usage.

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